Install with RubyGems

You can install jack via RubyGems:

gem install jack-eb # the name is called jack-eb not jack

You can also add jack to your Gemfile in your project if you are working with a ruby project. It is not required for your project to be a ruby project to use jack.

gem "jack-eb"

Additional Depedencies

If you are installing jack via RubyGems, you will also need to install jack’s additional dependencies: the aws cli and the aws eb cli3. If you have used the bolts installer then you do not have to worry about installing these additional dependencies.

On a Mac OS system, you can use homebrew:

brew install awscli # follow the post install instructions
brew install awsebcli

Make sure you follow the homebrew post install instructions to set up ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials.

On other operating systems, follow Amazon Web Services’ official installation guides:

Install with Bolts Toolbelt

If you want to quickly install jack without having to worry about jack’s dependency you can install the Bolts Toolbelt which has jack included.

brew cask install boltopslabs/software/bolts

The bolts installer will also automatically install the aws cli and the aws eb cli3 dependencies for you. You don’t have to worry about it!

For more information about the Bolts Toolbelt or to get an installer for another operating system visit:

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