Jack follows a convention for the environment and application name. This is done in order to keep the jack commands simple and short. The convention is:

environment_name: [app]-[role]-[env]
application_name: [app]

A concrete example is helpful:

environment_name: hi-web-prod
application_name: hi

The example above means the EB application name will be hi and the environment name will be hi-web-prod. By convention, the first word, separated by a ‘-‘, of the environment name is the application name.

This convention can be overridden easily via by creating a ~/.jack/settings.yml or jack/settings.yml within the project and defining your own regular expression with the conventions.app_name_pattern key. The regexp is a ruby regexp and must have 1 capture group. The capture group is used to determine the application name. Here is an example:

  keyname: default
  platform: "64bit Amazon Linux 2017.03 v2.6.0 running Docker 1.12.6"
  app_name_pattern: !ruby/regexp /\w+-(\w+)-\w+/

In the example above, the capture group is the second word and this will result in:

environment_name: prod-hi-web
application_name: hi

The default setting is located at lib/jack/default/settings.yml.

You can also override the application name convention from the cli with the --app flag. Examples are provided below.

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